IT Service Continuity

IT Service Continuity is all about understanding and managing the risks that could seriously impact and disrupt your business’ IT Services. It underpins your overall Business Continuity Plan by reducing the risk posed by disaster events to an acceptable level, and ensuring the IT Services that are crucial to your business can be quickly and efficiently recovered.

The benefits of IT Service Continuity include:

Ensuring your business has a functional set of IT Service Continuity Plans that will support your overall Business Continuity Plans and which are relevant to your business.
Ensuring that through regular testing, all continuity plans are maintained in line with changing business impacts and requirements
Your business critical services are identified and each has a robust, tested recovery plan in the event of a disaster
Reduced recovery time and business impact following a disaster event
IT Service Continuity supports Business Continuity and delivers the required IT Supporting Services to enable your business to continue to operate following a service disruption
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