Big Iron

In April 1999, Stephan Gladiadis incorporated Big Iron Ltd, an Auckland-based managed services provider, focusing on complete, scalable system management and multi-layered security solutions while offering a complementary range of tailored IT support services. Big Iron Ltd takes its name from a colloquial term for a mainframe computer, a computing environment known for its rock-solid dependability and high performance.

Stephan Gladiadis

Stephan Gladiadis


Understanding your current business goals and IT requirements while anticipating your business growth and future IT needs, forms the core of Stephan’s client-centric approach to managing Big Iron Ltd.

Stephan is driven by the value he places on building long-term relationships with his clients, and therefore maintains client partnerships characterised by transparency, knowledge sharing, collaborative problem solving, and step-by-step feedback at all stages of the project or process.

With more than 38 years’ experience in the IT industry, Stephan has a wealth of expertise. When combined with his comprehensive, blended approach to solutions and his practical, hands-on knowledge, it makes Stephan ideally suited to assisting you build and maintain your managed IT platforms.

Over the course of his career, Stephan has worked as an IT professional specialising in systems management across a diverse range of industry sectors and IT environments in New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East.

The majority of his experience has been in systems programming, engineering and management, and in consultancy and support roles in large, complex and often mission-critical mainframe environments where the emphasis was always on understanding business and user requirements, discipline, financial responsibility, meticulous planning and flawless implementation.

What We Stand For
  • We follow a client-centric approach based on long-term relationships and solving problems together. We listen to your feedback and strive to be approachable and results-driven in all client interactions.
  • We believe in dealing directly with our clients. Big Iron’s senior team members are fully up-to-date on each client’s unique business environment, IT systems and requirement, and their SLAs.
  • We focus on doing things right the first time, on time and within budget, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.
  • We are a dedicated, responsive team, always available to assist our clients when they need us most.
  • We provide a value-for-money proposition. With a whole host of options across multiple vendors at our disposal, we research and identify the best solution available for your needs.
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