Business Connectivity

Your business needs fast connectivity to the internet. With a full range of options, we can provide you the best fit for every one of your sites, be it one or one hundred. Just give us a call and let us know your address, and we’ll give you a choice of connectivity and a plan to suit.


ADSL or VDSL will provide you a connection almost anywhere while running over the existing copper service on which your phone line would work. Great to get started with, VDSL is the choice for those close enough to an exchange.


UFB or “Ultra Fast Broadband” is the SOHO connection of the future with a price point to suit. Choose a “Pay As You Go” plan that includes the first 30 GB of traffic and we’ll charge you just .35 cents per GB  for any excess. An unlimited plan is available for those with larger capacity needs.


Enterprises may need a guaranteed 1:1, unshared, synchronous service and this is where it begins. With this .sHDSL copper service you get exactly what you pay for. Performance guaranteed up to 10 Mbps

HSNS Premium

This enterprise-class premium service is the big daddy of fibre. The real deal with speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Both synchronous and 1:1 means you won’t be waiting for anything. Well, not at your end at least!

Type Speed Pay as you Go Unlimited
 12 months  24 months  12 months  24 months
Copper Broadband
Fibre Broadband
Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB)
UFB 30 10
UFB 100 50
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