System Audits & Design

Connected infrastructure

One of the many challenges to ensuring your IT investment supports your business effectively is being able to accurately identify all components of your IT infrastructure, and more importantly, how they connect.

Frequently, the IT assets of an organisation evolve and grow in an uncontrolled, often haphazard manner.

The result is an IT infrastructure that is not optimally configured or properly integrated and, consequently, a reduction in system productivity is experienced.

A poorly integrated or designed IT environment is likely to result in serious security vulnerabilities, performance and reliability problems, increased risk of data loss and, ultimately, a higher total cost of ownership and a subsequent lower return on investment.

Benefits of a well-integrated and aligned IT environment
Reduced support overhead (easier to troubleshoot, quicker resolution times)
Greater levels of reliability and performance
Reduced exposure to security vulnerabilities
Greater flexibility to grow and add new services
Lower operating costs and maximum value from your investment
Peace of mind

Big Iron has both the tools and the experience to accurately audit your IT environment, identify any potential bottlenecks or design flaws and tailor a solution to match your business needs.

We can work with you to deliver an integrated IT environment that is truly aligned with the needs and goals of your business.

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