Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS)

Eliminate inbound junk email at the gateway – before it enters your network.

Dell™ SonicWALL™ Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) offers small- to medium-sized businesses comprehensive protection from spam and viruses, with instant deployment over existing Dell SonicWALL firewalls. CASS speeds deployment, eases administration and reduces overhead by consolidating solutions, providing one-click anti-spam services, with advanced configuration in just ten minutes. CASS offers complete inbound anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-malware protection and features, Dell SonicWALL Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) Network IP Reputation, Advanced Content Management, Denial of Service prevention, full quarantine and customizable per-user junk summaries. Outperforming RBL filtering, CASS offers >99% effectiveness against spam, dropping >80% of spam at the gateway, while utilizing advanced anti-spam techniques like Adversarial Bayesian™ filtering on remaining email.

Features and Benefits

Stop spam effectively
Provide 99-percent-effective spam protection—and block spam at the firewall before it enters your network—by adding SonicWALL™ Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) to a SonicWALL firewall.

Quickly deploy your anti-spam software
Quickly configure CASS in minutes, and activate in one click, creating a single management point for both your network firewall and email firewall security.

Customise to meet your needs
You can easily allow or block junk email from specific people, addresses or organizations, on both a per-user and global basis. Plus, enable users to manage and view text emails, while retaining IT control over summaries and settings, with optional junk box summary emails.

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